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​In 2015 the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of the last century’s

first ethnic cleansing when 1.5 Armenians were annihilated with hundreds of

thousands of refugees fleeing to the neighboring countries.  The year 2015 also

marked the worst migration crisis since WWII with the exodus of 60 MILLION

refugees and displaced individuals worldwide.

There’s a stark, painful dichotomy in this reality which brings to light the obvious

unlearned lessons of our history as we attest “never again” yet orders of new wars

are signed into action….signing away humanity’s destruction.

Artists at War is a multi-media site of interviews with and views of artists living in war zones, or as war refugees from conflict zones, exiled into adopted countries, waging global art wars to make audible the fears, horrors, and plights of oppression, ethnic cleansing, tyranny and near annihilation.  It is also stories of those who were in some way or another, physical and psychological victims of wars which have ravaged the region in the aftermath of 9/11.

In 2015 our “modern, civilized” world marked the worst migration crisis since World War II bringing to life two significant numbers as billowing wakeup calls:

From the Balkans to the Middle East to Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe the ravaging ethnic, territorial, religious wars have razed through countless lands, giving birth to an exodus of 60 million refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) worldwide [source: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The chaos and mayhem documented, reported on, and shared by western powers’ pseudo-news teams are mere snippets of reality.  Our senses have become immune to images of mutilated, dead bodies strewn across fields where livestock once grazed.  Live video footage of bloody obliteration are “sophisticated” military industrial show-offs creeping into our comfortable, safe haven living rooms where we are untouched by the anarchy our tax dollars, and more importantly our silence, has allowed.

These are the voices unheard - cries un-answered and pleas in need of attention and repair. They are from artists living in war zones - and at war armed with their art.

Artists at War is emulating an online museum updated in real-time, providing instant engagement opportunity between the viewer and the artist.

Nada Abu Taleb - Yemen

Artist painting on a bridge in Paris - 2015

About Artists at War

Testimonies of creative minds affected by brutalities of our times